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The city's wire and cable industry alliance will hold its annual summary

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  January 24 morning, the wire and cable industry alliance forum was held in the People's cable. Meeting 2014 industry operation to summarize, forecast for 2015 industry trends, and in 2015 the Union industry focus research and deployment. Science and Industry Information Committee chief economist Zhang Wei, wire and cable industry alliance chairman, chairman Cao cable lift people, Yu Chen, vice president of the unit cables, Xinchang Copper, Schindler cables, the Samsung cable, cable and other companies responsible for the extraordinary meetings .

  Xinchang Copper Chaixing Chen, chairman of the 2014 copper market trend made a presentation on the 2015 market situation made a prediction. 2014, especially in the fourth quarter, affected by the downturn in the real estate industry downstream users, banks and other financial Shoulong, the city hit hard wire and cable industry, orders fell by about 30%. Especially in the first half of 2015 due to the copper market overcapacity production capacity of refined copper market, copper market situation is still not optimistic, domestic prices are expected to fluctuate between 40,000 -4.8 Wan / ton, the recommendations of the cable manufacturing enterprises should be cautious stockpile.

  Faced with severe and complicated economic situation, the wire and cable industry alliance since its inception, rely on themselves and take the initiative to act, Union City television industry key enterprises to conduct in-depth media coverage, effectively enhance the industry's influence, reputation, praise by enterprises . After discussion, research, and it was agreed that in 2015 the wire and cable industry alliance to do the work in the following four areas:

  1, strengthen self-construction association. Establish and improve rules and regulations and work systems, the formation of "consultations and discuss, democratic participation, democratic decision-making" mechanism, expanding membership ranks, the more outstanding entrepreneurs unite and gather together, pushing development, mutual support and positive energy transfer industry .

  2, establish a working meeting system. Every two months to convene a meeting in principle, focused on understanding the operation of enterprises, research problems, strengthen links between enterprises, vigorously carry out exchange activities, broaden their horizons, according to the law to safeguard the legitimate interests of its members, to provide quality services for members .

  3, as a bridge and link, and actively promote communication between governments and enterprises, enterprises and business cooperation. Strive to build a communication platform, information gathering platform, brand platform to promote coordinated development platform, safeguard the interests of the platform, promoting learning platform to achieve win-win cooperation.

  4, strengthen self-discipline and management. Establish and maintain proper operating order, market order, focus on the promotion of regional brand and enhance the image of the industrial base, various forms of "good faith Xing" and "quality enterprise" publicity and education, the establishment of quality supervision mechanism, cluster marketing mechanism, cluster credit guarantee mechanism to jointly improve product quality and quality.

  Finally, the president pledged to give Cao president earnestly assume responsibilities for the development of the industry more actively enthusiastic dedication, much to bear responsibility, to provide free quality testing equipment for the enterprise, test reports, bidding information and other resources. Each president also positive attitude we should actively support the work of the association, more communication, more deliberation, more ensemble, a total of progress. President appeal to everyone: First, we must stand a high position, raise awareness, change their thinking. In order to make money as the goal to make a transition from career to pursue, to the city of Gongyi wire and cable industry is responsible, do Gongyi brand, so the national standard, and take the right path. The second is to adjust the attitude, increased confidence and healthy development. A correct understanding of the current severe economic situation, neither dispirited, wrapped step before, do not blindly optimistic, to anticipate all the difficulties, by all means, a positive response. The third is to take advantage of the establishment of the organization, improved rapidly. To take full advantage of the resources and talent and technology advantages of the city, seize the opportunity and rapid promotion for the revitalization and development of the city's wire and cable industry to make a positive contribution.

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