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Carbon fiber composites (under) the wires and cables of

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In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it can also reduce losses in electricity transmission, reducing tower 20 to save space and reduce consumption of non-ferrous metal resources to help construct safety, environmental protection, and efficient conservation-oriented transmission network. Currently only the United States and Japan develop this new lead, they reached a tacit understanding: Do not output to a third country, a Japanese production of carbon fiber wire companies accounted for about 40 world. Currently the Institute of wire and cable, electricity Building Research Institute and the National Grid Co., Ltd. have started experimental work on ACCC conductors. Domestic cable manufacturers also increase cooperation with foreign, will introduce the new cable production to China, and actively promote the technological revolution of overhead transmission lines. Fujian power grid has been recently set up to run the new wire. Three possible carbon-fiber, high temperature, corrosion and other harsh environment applications as fine as silk, three types of carbon fiber strength is more than 62 times that of steel, forming technology is good, is the generation of new engineering material, its high amount of elasticity, resistance to denaturation capacity than Steel 2 times the tensile strength of 30 ~ 40t / cm2pa, while the proportion of less than a quarter of the steel, is half aluminum, high elastic modulus steel big 16 times greater than aluminum 12 times. And the carbon fiber is softer than steel. Therefore, the carbon fibers can be used for load-bearing requirements, easy to damage the cable to strengthen the core internal components, such as undersea fiber optic cable. Carbon fiber can withstand temperature -180 ℃, in this condition, many materials become very brittle, even sturdy steel has also become easily broken than glass, and carbon fiber in this condition is still very soft. Therefore, the carbon fiber composite core can be used in extreme cold (such as Antarctic expedition research, etc.) designed and manufactured under the conditions of the transmission carrier. Carbon fiber and can withstand high temperature 3000 ℃ ~ 3500 ℃, the best in this high temperature heat-resistant steel has become molten, but in the absence of oxygen, carbon fiber has not changed. Even from high temperature carbon fiber 3000 ℃ rapid cooling to room temperature, it will not burst, which can operate in thermal shock environment. This provides the possibility for the iron and steel, metallurgy, boilers and other industries in the high temperature high temperature applications special cable design. In addition, the carbon fiber yarn, carbon fiber Weisheng, CFRP can be used for fire cable product design selection. Carbon fiber has superior corrosion resistance. Metal corrosion strongest gold and platinum, in a nitric acid (70% concentration) and three sulfuric acid (39% concentration) dubbed called "aqua regia" was gold, platinum would be corroded thousands sore hundred holes, and the "aqua regia" in the carbon fiber was left intact. For a variety of chemical environments under light chemical resistant cable design provides a new way of thinking. Four carbon fiber materials development proposal is to achieve industrialization of carbon fiber wire in the industrialization of the premise and guarantee domestic transmission industry. Carbon fiber material prices is the key constraint industrial applications. China began to start from the early 1980s, it has increased its carbon fiber materials research and development efforts, and also focus on the construction of a carbon fiber material industrial base, but because of foreign equipment, technology blockade, so far no major breakthrough, the product quality is not stability, expected in the future at least ten thousand tons per year gap. Price levels by the year 2000 carbon fiber material for 50,000 dollars / ton, higher than the price of aluminum is 20 times more. But in recent years, due to changes in the international political situation and the military structure of the carbon fiber material prices affected, increased significantly. This undoubtedly will be China's modernization construction costs a tremendous pressure and burden. Recently, China's Fujian power grid from the American Composites Engineering Company (CTC) purchased 60 km ACCC conductor (aluminum conductor composite core overhead wires) in the Xiamen, Fujian Province and Fuzhou grid, the price level of 150,000 yuan / km. This is more than we have been using the price several times higher ACSR. Various research institutes should further increase the carbon fiber material on the basis of applied research and development, the establishment of China's independent intellectual property rights, stable quality carbon fiber material, and reduce costs. While the use of national investment and private investment in a combination of methods to increase carbon fiber civilian and military aerospace applications outside help the healthy and sustainable development of carbon fiber industry. Recently, the development of domestic industry is facing great opportunities of carbon fiber. Liaoning 宁圣华 Ltd. settled in Fushun Economic Development Zone, Fushun part can cultivate existing business into carbon fiber and composite materials leading enterprises, to play its lead and radiation, the Fushun into a national carbon fiber research and development base and industrial base. Currently the Institute of wire and cable, electricity Building Research Institute and the National Grid Co., Ltd. have started experimental work on ACCC conductors. We hope that the domestic counterparts active in research and development, to accelerate the carbon fiber composite material in China's cable industry applications and industrial development efforts.

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