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Carbon fiber composite materials in wire and cable in (on)

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  Carbon fiber with its inherent characteristics given its excellent performance composite materials, it has a high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue, creep, electrical conductivity, heat and thermal expansion coefficient series Excellent performance to its application in the wire and cable industry, offers the possibility and necessity. Development and application of a carbon fiber heating cable people have long known, a metal material as heating element electrical heating technology has been widely used in various fields. However, oxidizable wire surface at a high temperature, since the oxide layer is continuously thickened, resulting in a reduced effective area of ​​the current through, increasing the load current, and therefore easy to blow. In the same allowable current load area, the strength of the wire 6-10 times lower than the carbon fiber, easily broken during use. Carbon fiber is a layered structure of a hexagonal lattice consisting of graphite, it is an all-black body material, and therefore the electric applications, high performance out of the electric conversion efficiency. Under certain conditions, the high temperature oxidation, the load per unit area and mechanical strength of current does not change. Carbon fiber heating cables currently used are as follows: Low-temperature radiant heating cable floor heating systems. Thermostat brood boxes, greenhouse, nursery, vegetable greenhouses and other insulation heating. Roads of snow, airport runways of snow: ideal for floor heating of concrete structures can also be used in snow melting device, the rain and the roof drains were frost can also be used for soil heating. Pipelines, tank insulation antifreeze: electric heating products in recent years in China has been vigorously promoted and widely used. Its applications are mainly concentrated in the petroleum, chemical, power, railways and civil or commercial buildings. With the development of China's power industry to clean, no secondary pollution of power to the electric heating products market prospect is very broad primary energy, but also for the performance of electric heating products put forward higher requirements. Soccer turf, public green soil insulation: Solar energy water heater supplementary heater, mainly for long-term rainy days or the winter season, when due to lack of light caused by the solar water heater temperature can not meet life, project needs, designed to supplement the heat. It has a strong resistance to heat, cold and hot and humid environment performance, and has the function of anti-dry. Even the occasional water tank powered by mistake, you will not be burned electrical heater and a water tank, it can ensure the safe use. Two carbon fiber composite core wire of the development and application of a shortage of countries, not only the development of power industry lags behind, the drawbacks of the transmission industry has emerged, transmission lines have been unbearable transmission capacity rapid expansion of demand, power outages due to the overload caused outages occur frequently, power transmission becomes power industry development "bottleneck", countries are in the research of new overhead transmission circuit with a wire, to replace the traditional ACSR, carbon fiber composite core wire which came into being. Compared with ACSR, carbon fiber composite core wire has the following advantages: 1, and the same diameter as compared to ACSR cable, can provide twice the ampacity. 2, an effective solution to cable sag problems. 3, can operate at higher temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. 4, wire core can be anti-corrosion, and there is no room bimetallic corrosion problems. 5, because it can provide higher current carrying capacity, it is also effective in reducing the project cost. 6, compared to the same diameter conventional cables can accommodate multiple conductors 28. 7, high strength core can effectively reduce the number of cable racks, or lower the height of the cable holder. 8, effectively reducing cable sag, so that the ground biological safer.

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