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2014 Henan wire and cable industry association successfully held the ninth high-level forum

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  May 16, organized by the Association of wire and cable industry in Henan Province, Gongyi City Business Association, People's Cable Group hosted a "restructuring, upgrading,

  Development and win-win "as the theme of Henan wire and cable industry association successfully held the ninth high-level forum in Gongyi attended the conference have

  Provincial Department of Industry, provincial and Technical Supervision, the Provincial Association of the cable industry, Gongyi City People's government leaders, business associations, entrepreneurs and representatives

  A total of three hundred people.

  Henan General Assembly by the Secretary-General Hu Cunxiao wire and cable industry association chaired Gongyi City People's Government Vice Mayor congratulatory speeches.


   said at the meeting, the forum was held not only on the development of Gongyi cable industry recognized and affirmed in Gongyi, also re Gongyi

  Henan and the country to fight the well-known cable production base opportunities. At the same time, he sincerely hope that the leaders and the business community of friends who can

  A better understanding of Gongyi, Gongyi support, and strive to a higher level in the deeper areas of Gongyi cooperation.

  Vice president of Henan wire and cable industry associations He Mingzhi a work report on behalf of the Association, at the conclusion in 2013 while working introduces Association

  Will this year work plans.

  He elaborated on the gap with the rest of the cable industry in Henan several key areas, but also fully affirmed the Henan cable industry in the current year

  Progress made, and said this year will be grafted electricity supplier association mode, combined with the national cable networks, national cable network trading platform, "China

  Cable Manager "magazine synergy between the three platforms, strive for the early realization of the cable industry in Henan turn to overtake.



  During the meeting, chairman of the People's Cable Group Cao took the floor to give identity to the host, to the guests introduced the development of the people of the cable

  Status and future goals.

  Gongyi City Business Association, Entrepreneurs Association, Federation of Industrial Economics, president of Liugong Lin in his speech also highlighted the meeting of Gongyi

  Significance, while the development of the cable industry's high hopes, hope that the whole industry in terms of quality and credibility are able to achieve greater improvement.

  At the meeting, Henan seized billion Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Chenguang Sen to "'micro' machine development hand in hand into the new era of electricity supplier" as its theme

  Keynote speech, focusing on the honored guests introduced the information age network platform especially important role in moving the electricity supplier of enterprise development,

  He pointed out the wire and cable industry can achieve electricity supplier of, manufacturers and customers will be more convenient docking. He also demonstrated by example

  National cable network mobile micro station how to trade with customers.

  During the meeting, the two entrepreneurs took the floor were doing introduce new products and technologies, noting that today's carbon fiber and aluminum wire guide

  Advantages line help distinguished guests to understand the market environment, product research and development trends, improve product quality, promote enterprise development.

  Association Secretary-General Hu Cunxiao made concluding remarks at the end of the meeting, he stressed that the cable industry, we must accept the lesson, abide by national standards, the production

  Products do fine.

  Assembly stressed the electricity supplier is an important opportunity for the industry to upgrade and enhance the quality of future sustainable development for the industry plays a leading role, Henan Electric

  Wire and cable industry is at a crucial stage of development and transformation, subject to meeting government leaders, industry experts and insiders

  Attention. Participants colleagues agreed that the success of this meeting will convene for the next development in Henan Province wire and cable industry to bring

  Significant impact.

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