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2015 China (Ningbo) International Wire Industry Exhibition

Number of visits: Date:2015-12-01

  2015 China (Ningbo) International Wire Industry Exhibition

  Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre Time: November 25, 2015 to November 27, 2015 Organizers: Ningbo City Wire and Cable Chamber of Commerce, Ningbo Electric Power Industry Association, Ningbo Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Ningbo City building electrical academic committee


  Ningbo Municipal People's Government

  [Support Unit]

  Ningbo City Federation of Industry

  Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission


  Ningbo City Wire and Cable Chamber of Commerce

  Ningbo Power Industry Association

  Ningbo Electrical Equipment Industry Association

  Ningbo Electrical Building Academic Committee

  Jihua Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  [Guidance Unit]

  National Cable Association Alliance


  Wire and Cable Chamber of Commerce of Anhui Province

  Optical cable Jiangsu Province Chamber of Commerce

  Guangdong Province Wire and Cable Industry Association

  Suzhou City Optical Cable Industry Association

  Yixing wire and cable industry association

  Dongguan City Wire and Cable Industry Association


  Jihua Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


  2015 China (Ningbo) International Electrical Equipment Fair

  Overview [last]

  Exhibitors aspects: 2014NBWIRE received support and participation throughout the country well-known manufacturers, such as: East cable, ball cap cable, Henry

  Through cable, Yanggu Cable, on the cable, a boat group, the Pacific fiber optic cable, cable dawn, crane cable channel, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, East

  Party power-acoustic communications, Huang Tai machinery, Hong Hing Wire, Smarter Technology, UL testing, new-Machinery, Zhejiang sail electrician, Shenzhen Liancheng cause,

  Jiangyin Cheung Lok, Thailand is a mechanical, Dawang machinery, Cadence machinery, mechanical huge crown, Gold electrician, Jinsheng Tai foil, JU cable tray and other;

  Spectators aspects: 2014NBWIRE-day exhibition attracted domestic and foreign visitors CPC 28100 passengers, of which domestic visitors accounted for

  92.4%, 7.6% abroad, visited categories are as follows: Electric Power Research Institute and design, power grid construction, power supply bureau, power equipment manufacturers,

  Power plants, industrial / building users, electric power companies, power supplies, electric companies, power scheduling and control, import and export companies.

  [Trade matching]

  1, exhibitors timely provide the latest product, the organizing committee will be synchronized propaganda in cooperation agencies, the organizing committee during the exhibition will also be based on the double

  Supply and demand side to make referrals and professional match, prompting both supply and demand more targeted matchmaking;

  2, the Organizing Committee will provide exhibitors after the exhibition according to the needs of buyers associated free list to be contacted after the meeting to discuss;

  [Show Features]

  1, each of the exhibitors will be eligible for invitation distributors (dealers, buyers) purchase of VIP invitations to visit a letter, attend Senate

  To purchase VIP View hotel occupancy, provided free by the organizing committee;

  2, exhibitors can enjoy our cooperation in the media, the official website, do famous enterprises and product introductions recommendation on micro-channel platform;

  3, number of seminars during the exhibition / forum present their badges Admission is free, and there are beautiful gift;

  4, pre-register visitors in advance, you can enjoy a free hotel stay service, and a beautiful gift.

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