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Developers west Cable Show 2015 event grand opening

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Developers west Cable Show 2015 event grand opening


2015/11/2 13:45:03 Posted by: Anonymous Source: cable network


[Cable News Network] "advance the Southwest! Western development! Enormous market! Unlimited potential!" With passionate slogan, October 22, 2015 Sixth Western China International Wire and Cable Exhibition in Deyang official kicked off!





The day before yesterday evening, the next big rain Deyang, the first day of the exhibition ground is still wet, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of the people. Deyang International Convention and Exhibition Center crowded, "we deliberately fly to Deyang exhibition, is to expand sales channels, now feeling the effect is good." Dongguan Zhi Han Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd, who while pointing to the crowd while on the cable network ( said that the excitement was palpable.


According to the cable network it is understood that this exhibition is designed to help wire and cable, optical fiber and cable companies understand the current developments in the industry, promote corporate image, showing the strength of enterprises, looking for quality agents distributors, expand sales channels. Equipment and materials to provide more competitive and supporting suppliers for their choice, to improve its production technology to reduce their production costs, increase market competitiveness. To achieve this goal would require the organizers to invite more professional audience. "This exhibition professional audience is expected to reach 60,000 passengers, 30,000 passengers security at the end," the organizers, told the cable network.


The exhibition attracted a large number of well-known domestic enterprises, such as the Far East trading Bao Network Technology Limited. The exhibition goods can be described as more than the whole, including Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, wire processing equipment, cable manufacturing equipment, ancillary processing equipment, wire and cable, fiber optic cable, cable (fiber optic cable) raw materials, measurement and control technology and equipment equipment, springs, fasteners and wire products, pipeline pipes, etc., everything.




As the show shouting slogans as western China, "a huge market! Unlimited potential!" According to the person in charge of the exhibition, "Twelve Five" to achieve leapfrog development in Sichuan power grid is the greatest opportunity. To the "Twelve Five", the Sichuan power grid will realize from the local power grid, the traditional hub of power to the grid, a comprehensive upgrade and a new modern power grid across, will be the province's "Twelfth Five Year Plan" smoothly, Sichuan Economic Leaping development of a strong power support. So important opportunities, wire and cable, fiber optic cable is extremely equipment, materials companies certainly will not easily let go.


2015 Sixth Western China International wire and cable and Equipment Exhibition is one of the 21th Exhibition of Equipment Manufacturing Exposition in West China. Exhibition held annually in Sichuan, its organization and display results has enjoyed a higher reputation and influence in the country. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition for the first time settled in Deyang. Deyang city government, Deyang Guanghan City People's Government will rely on well-developed industrial base Deyang heavy industry, will focus on "Manufacturing Expo West China" into a foreign industrial capital of Deyang reload another city card.



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