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  • name: Decoration with copper single-wire
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BV plastic copper wire referred to, the name, general purpose single-core hard conductor non-sheathed power cable.


B represents a category, wire cloth, T representatives Conductor: copper conductor, V denotes an insulating as: polyvinyl chloride. For AC voltage 450 / 750V and below the power plant, electric appliances, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment used in cables and wires.


BV line is divided into: ZR-BV and NH-BV.


ZR-BV: flame-retardant PVC insulated copper wire: Insulation materials added flame retardant, leaving no spontaneous combustion fire.


ZR-BV: BV retardant line is divided into A, B, C, D four grades, where A class best, and so on, most commonly used for the ZB-BV.


NH-BV: fire-resistant PVC insulated copper wire: Under normal circumstances a fire can also be used normally.


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